Rental properties and luxury villas often boast gourmet kitchens, perfect for enjoying a meal from the comfort of your vacation home. Providenciales is home to several grocery stores, allowing you to stock up for a night of preparing family favorites or grilling fresh seafood for an authentic island experience. The markets offer the same selections you’d find back home, but because everything must be shipped to the island, your grocery bill will be higher than you’re used to paying. 


If you ask a local, they’d recommend picking up a bottle of Peppa Joy, the islanders’ favorite hot sauce. And while you’re strolling down the isles of the store, it’s worth a stop at the deli (IGA Gourmet Grocery) where you can order a fresh breakfast, island style, for less than dining out.

A bottle of wine, beer, and Bambarra Rum are a wonderful way to enjoy island life and can be purchased at all the local grocery markets. For a wider selection, there is one liquor store in Providenciales stocked with a dedicated wall of Caribbean rum. In the Turks and Caicos, the drinking age is 18 years of age and older and carding is strictly enforced. Final advice: be sure your liquor is stocked on Saturday because selling alcohol on a Sunday is prohibited.